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A Danger to Himself and Others Book Cover

Welcome to the Novels of J.E. Fishman

Go ahead. Immerse yourself.

Welcome to the J.E. Fishman author website, where you’ll find mysteries about that most unusual accidental detective Phuoc Goldberg, compelling stand-alone thrillers, and − coming very soon − an explosive new series of police thrillers.

On this site you can follow J.E. Fishman, delve more deeply into the creative mind behind the novels, and sign up to learn about coming works, appearances, and events.

This season we announce publication of Bomb Squad NYC, launching this spring with three exciting new novels.

Stand-Alone Thrillers

The Dark Pool Book Cover

And Don’t Forget

Police Thrillers

Spring 2014

  • A Danger to Himself and Others
  • Death March
  • The Long Black Hand

Phuoc Goldberg Fiascos

Next Up

  • Ruby Red Dead(2015)

Inspiration Behind The Writing of J.E. Fishman

Shared Pain and an Artist’s Tragedy

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