Bomb Squad’s Finest

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Bomb Squad’s Finest

Lieutenant Joseph “Joe” Capobianco

character-image-lt-joeA graduate of Syracuse University who majored in engineering, the Bomb Squad commander also holds a master’s degree in urban studies from Fordham University. Intense and detail-oriented, Capobianco loves his job. But uneasy lies the head that wakes up every day worrying about how to protect New Yorkers from bombs, not to mention keeping his own guys out of harm’s way. He is married and has a teenage daughter.

  • Favorite Robot: ANDROS F6A
  • Weapon of Choice: Glock 19
  • Awards: Medal for Valor, Honorable Mention, Meritorious Police Duty
  • Hobbies: pitching in the NYPD softball league, reading
  • Famous last words: “If you see something, do something.”

Sergeant Sander “Sandy” Kahn
—Badge #679

character-image-sandy-kahnA former detective in the homicide division, Sandy holds the prestigious rank of Supervisor Detective Squad (SDS). He is the second-highest ranking member of the Bomb Squad, behind Lieutenant Capobianco, serves as the commander’s right-hand man, and is respected in the squad for his old-school ways. Sandy has two teenage children from his first marriage and two young children with his second wife.
  • Favorite robot: ANDROS F6A
  • Weapon of choice: SIG Sauer P226
  • Awards: Police Combat Cross
  • Hobbies: model airplanes, go-kart racing
  • Famous last words: “Don’t let it end with a bang.”

Detective Third Grade Manuel “Manny” Diaz
— Badge #4462

character-image-manuel-diazA former Army Explosives and Ordnance Division bomb tech, Manny is a relatively new addition to the Bomb Squad. Preternaturally brave, he often finds himself choking back both his impatience with bureaucracy and his unwelcome addiction to risk. The issue isn’t what he’s seen in war so much as how he got used to living in war zones — and the scars that living has left upon him. He resides with a beautiful roommate whom he acquired through CraigsList.
  • Favorite robot: ANDROS Wolverine
  • Weapon of choice: SIG Sauer P226
  • Hobbies: video gaming
  • Famous last words: “If you have the technology, the enemy has the technology.”

Detective First Grade Kenneth “Kenny” Ridley
— Badge #983

character-image-ridleyThe product of parents who originally hailed from the island of Jamaica, Kenny, a first-generation native New Yorker, is the biggest man in the squad, a weight lifter, and carries a voice so deep that it puts waves in standing glasses of water. His father schooled him carefully in the perils of American racism, so he earns his respect every day with impeccable honesty, bravery and punctuality. He lives alone.
  • Favorite robot: ANDROS Wolverine
  • Weapon of choice: Glock 19
  • Hobbies: weight lifting, church choir
  • Famous last words: “On time is late and early is on time.”

Detective First Grade Lakshan “Sparky” Higgins
— Badge #550

character-image-higgins-2In a squad full of gadget hounds, Sparky is the consummate squad geek, the last hope for restarting that balky robot. Born to an Indian-Asian mother and an African-American father, his unusual appearance belies an incredible mind. With an engineering degree from RPI, he is the best-educated squad member besides the commander, and arguably the best bomb maker. He rarely leaves the garage while at HQ. At other times, his wife and six kids mostly find him at the workbench in his own garage.
  • Favorite robot: ANDROS HD-1
  • Weapon of choice: Smith & Wesson Model 5946 DAO
  • Awards: Medal for Valor, Meritorious Police Duty
  • Hobbies: auto mechanics
  • Famous last words: “Don’t be the boob in the booby-trap.”

Detective Third Grade Cameron “Cam” Fowler
— Badge #8427

character-image-fowlerCam lives way up in Newburgh, in the farthest reaches of the approved area for NYPD cops, where he loves to take his EDC, Sheba, to the park — or does she take him? He’s a single man who purports to love his independence, but his big heart makes him vulnerable to attachments. Sheba is his first dog, and he lives with her in his bachelor pad.
  • His Explosive Detection Canine: Sheba
  • Weapon of choice: SIG Sauer P226
  • Hobbies: fantasy baseball, Frisbee golf
  • Famous last words: “Love means never having to say BOOM!”

Detective Second Grade Peter “Pedro” Hernandez
— Badge #2276

character-image-hernandezPedro is a family man — from his first family with an Abuelita he loved to his family at home in Rockland County to his extended Bomb Squad family. An avid “foodie,” he’s always fetching unrecognizable sandwiches for lunch and putting on a spread in the squad kitchen when things are quiet. Earnest and concerned about doing the right thing, he is married with two children.
  • Favorite robot: ANDROS HD-1
  • Weapon of choice: Glock 19
  • Awards: Medal for Valor, Commendation—Community Service
  • Hobbies: cooking, hunting
  • Famous last words: “We’re all just one bad snip away from the end of the line.”

Detective Second Grade Lester “Les” Winfield
— Badge #7431

character-image-winfieldIrascible, focused and quick of mind, Les has infinite patience for his EDC, Max, somewhat less patience for his human colleagues, even less patience for his wife and three kids at home, and the least patience of all for uncooperative civilians. He hates cats but would never harm a fly, and he is proud never to have fired his service weapon in the line of duty.
  • His Explosive Detection Canine: Max
  • Favorite weapon: SIG Sauer P226
  • Hobbies: casino gambling, chess
  • Famous last words: “You’re two wires short of a closed circuit.”

Detective First Grade Cai “Yongster” Yong
— Badge #926

character-image-YongBorn in Chinatown and raised in the tight Asian community of Flushing, Queens, Yongster makes up for his relatively petite stature by competing in mixed marshal arts tournaments, talking smack, and getting up in everyone’s face when provoked. Over a bomb his hands are as steady as anyone’s, with the added advantage that his slender fingers can get into tight spaces. He has a thing for Jewish girls, and his mother — the one person in the world he can’t stand up to — won’t countenance a marriage out of the clan. He lives with his parents.
  • Favorite robot: ANDROS F6A
  • Favorite weapon: Glock 19
  • Hobbies: mixed marshal arts, reading
  • Famous last words: “You suit up, you step up.”

Detective Second Grade Victor “Vic-Vic” Hassan
— Badge #838

character-image-HassanA naturalized American citizen, Vic-Vic is a Palestinian originally from Jordan whose fascination with bombs began with the kids he knew who lost limbs in Middle East violence. He came to the States to attend college and, but for one freshman summer, never returned to his native land, a place that he loves but that always depresses him. Pursuing an advanced degree in psychology with part-time classes, he hopes one day to stop all bombs the only way possible: by eliminating the desire to build them. He is married with two kids.
  • Favorite robot: ANDROS F6A
  • Weapon of choice: Glock 19
  • Awards: Excellent Police Duty
  • Hobbies: tennis, poetry
  • Famous last words: “Nobody ever defused a bomb without his mind.”

Detective First Grade William “Billy” MacGregor
— Badge #1882

character-image-MacGregorBilly lives in Northport, Long Island, where he keeps a boat and obsesses over catching bluefish and striped bass. Calm and reflective, his obsession with being out on the water when not working gives him much time to contemplate tactics for defeating bomb makers. His easygoing nature belies a fierce competitiveness — a friendly competition, as he sees it, between him and his Bomb Squad family; and a not-so-friendly one between him and the miscreants of the world. A widower, he has two grown children.
  • Favorite robot: ANDROS Wolverine
  • Weapon of choice: Glock 19
  • Awards: Purple Shield, Medal for Valor, Honorable Mention
  • Hobbies: fishing, collecting toy soldiers
  • Famous last words: “If you can see the bomb, the bomb can see you.”

Detective First Grade Kieran “Kill-Shot” Lehane
— Badge #163

KieranLehaneBackgroundThe oldest member of the squad, Kill-Shot is a hundred pounds overweight and nearing retirement. He may get winded climbing the stairs to the Squad room, but even when out of breath he maintains his dead-eye aim and can still line up the target of a Percussion-Actuated Non-electric disrupter like nobody else in the squad. But he’s as sure-handed with his main weapon — his third dog, Georgia — and he’s said for a long time that when she goes he’s d.o.n.e. Divorced, he lives alone with his EDC and a large iguana.
  • His Explosive Detection Canine: Georgia
  • Weapon of choice: Smith & Wesson Model 5946 DAO
  • Awards: Medal for Valor, Commendation—Integrity, Exceptional Merit
  • Hobbies: home brewing, bowling
  • Famous last words: “Pick up the pace or pick up the pieces.”