Novels by J.E. Fishman

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Novels by J.E. Fishman

The Prisoner of Hell Gate

The Prisoner of Hell GateFour decades after Typhoid Mary went to her grave, five curious graduate students struggle to escape alive from the abandoned island that once imprisoned her. Contagion doesn’t die. It just waits.”

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Bomb Squad NYC Series

The ONLY series based on the real world of the NYPD Bomb Squad

Delve into the cases, the lives and the nail-biting challenges that make the NYPD Bomb Squad the oldest, busiest and most sophisticated police unit of its kind in the world.

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The Dark Pool

Mild-mannered Shoog Clay, the nation’s winningest high school football coach, suddenly sees death and destruction wherever he looks. One of his students lies in a coma after an incident of shocking violence. Another, his star player Antwon Meeps, has disappeared under accusations of attempted murder.

As bodies continue to pile up, depraved people pose a greater danger to Shoog with each passing day. But he can’t understand why.

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Primacy: A Thriller

Tens of thousands of monkeys and apes suffer in animal testing laboratories. If just one of them could speak, what might it say and whose interests would it threaten? Vet tech Liane Vinson is about to find out.

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Phuoc Goldberg Fiascos

Cadaver Blues PaperbackCadaver Blues

When smoking-hot Mindy Eider walks into the office with a foreclosure notice directed to her elderly Uncle Gunnar, cynical debt man Phuoc Goldberg at first sees her as little more than the source of this month’s rent payment. But Phu soon learns that Uncle Gunnar’s problems run deeper and darker than the money he owes. The niece can’t find him, suspicious characters lurk everywhere, and a sleazy bank has alarming designs on the old man’s little house.

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