Novels by J.E. Fishman

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Novels by J.E. Fishman


The Dark Pool

Three men’s lives on a knife’s edge…

Soon a tragic hanging in the school gymnasium will lay bare a secret force that none of these men understands. In a “dark pool” marketplace, insatiable Wall Street players have wagered everything on certain real-world outcomes. When fortunes hang in the balance, financiers cloaked in anonymity won’t hesitate to pay off their claims with the blood of others.

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Primacy: A Thriller

A New Species of Suspense

Tens of thousands of monkeys and apes suffer in animal testing laboratories. If just one of them could speak, what might it say and whose interests would it threaten? Vet tech Liane Vinson is about to find out.

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Phuoc Goldberg Fiascos

Cadaver Blues PaperbackCadaver Blues

Debt man Phuoc Goldberg thinks he has beautiful Mindy Eider and her deadbeat uncle figured out from the second Mindy walks into his office.

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Inspiration Behind The Writing of J.E. Fishman

Shared Pain and an Artist’s Tragedy

February 27, 2014

The following post originally appeared on the Venture Galleries website.

The actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and I were neighbors in the way many read more


I Walk the Line

February 20, 2014

Someone all too recently explained to me that reposting the same content in two places (as I’ve been doing between here and read more