Naming Names: Mindy Eider

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Naming Names: Mindy Eider

My original working title for Cadaver Blues was Mr. Gloom and Pollyanna Fight to the Death. If you’ve read the book, you can guess who Mr. Gloom and Pollyanna are.

In naming the female character, I was searching for a name that was breezy. The name Mindy, for me, evokes that — a combination of “misty” and “windy.”

Mindy comes from Minnesota, where there are lots of people of Scandinavian origin. I gave her uncle Gunnar a traditional Scandinavian name. For Mindy herself, I didn’t need to be that literal, but again I wanted something that fit her personality.

I guess I thought of Eider because of eiderdown. The feathers come from the eider duck, but more importantly they’re famous for filling soft pillows and comforters. They’re a light and fluffy substance, like Mindy.

Ta dah!

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