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Bang! Bang! Bang!

On May 16, 2017, at half past one in the afternoon, I held a loaded pistol in my hand for the first time ever.

This may come as a surprise to those who are aware of the fact that I have occasionally featured guns in read more

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Shared Pain and an Artist’s Tragedy

The following post originally appeared on the Venture Galleries website.

The actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and I were neighbors in the way many New Yorkers are neighbors, which is to say: I never met him, never spoke a word to him. Our apartments were four read more

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Have You Hugged Your Novelist Today?

Lately my middle-school daughter has many opportunities to look at me with chagrin. On the airplane when I get up to stretch in the aisle she hisses through gritted teeth: “Would you please sit down. It’s embarrassing!” When the headmaster of her school was arrested read more
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Book Publishing: A Circular Firing Squad?

Years ago when we lived in Bedford, NY, a man rang the doorbell one day and offered to sell us frozen meat, of all things, from an enclosed pickup truck. He introduced himself as Marty — Marty the Meat Man.

Until Marty showed up, it read more

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Whence Harriet Tubman High?

Lately it seems like there’s been a lot of attention in the media about the virtues of failure. The trope quite simply goes something like this: You learn more from failure (about yourself, about whatever it is you failed at, about life itself) than you read more

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