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Hello Reader,

I’m the author J.E. Fishman and I’m glad you came. Some background. I was born at the tail end of the Baby Boom Generation, grew up on Long Island, attended public high school and private university, spent a lot of time in and around New York City and now live in the Brandywine Valley—Andrew Wyeth country. I still visit NYC regularly and keep an apartment in the West Village.

None of the above is the interesting part. I’ve had an interesting life, but I don’t write about my life. Not exactly.

I’ve been wealthy and I’ve been poor. I’ve known billionaires and I have friends who struggle to make ends meet. I’ve belonged to country clubs and I’ve survived for weeks on macaroni and cheese. I’m as comfortable on a public basketball court as I am on an exclusive golf course.

I have traveled the world and slept in obscenely expensive resorts as well as fleabag motels. I have bossed people and been bossed. I have consumed great delicacies and the lowliest street food. I have shuffled millions as an entrepreneur and slogged away in a giant corporation and once worked as a janitor in an office building where the night shift was hell.

About J.E. Fishman

I’ve slugged and been slugged. And I went under the knife once, losing my pound of flesh.

I have friends of all persuasions, ethnicities and creeds. I was raised agnostic Jewish, married an agnostic Episcopalian, and had my daughter baptized. I have dined in fancy houses and been waited upon by butlers and flown in private planes. I’ve also eaten dinners in the homes of poor friends and helped them do the dishes and traveled the subways late at night, when rats dance in the railroad ties.

I watched my mother die and I watched my daughter come into the world.

All of these experiences have given me insights into the human condition, that vast subject that all fiction attempts to capture.

For most of my life, those who have read my writing—parents, professors, friends, literary agents—suggested that I write more. When I reached my late forties, that’s what I decided to do.

In my writing, I process who I was and who I am and what I see and what I saw. You’ll find my life in the real places that I use in my fiction, but also in the made-up places. It’s in my good guys and my bad guys, my main characters and my walk-ons.

I am a storyteller. I write thrillers and mysteries and horror (under a pen name), and  I have one main goal — to keep you turning the pages.

Go ahead. Immerse yourself.


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